Ana “the Hurricane” Julaton prepares for second MMA fight in Dubai

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 18, 2014

LAS VEGAS – From the world of boxing to mixed martial arts, 34-year-old Ana “the Hurricane” Julaton wants to prove that she’s the fighter to beat.

Julaton will be featured at the “Reign of Champions” on August 29th at the Dubai World Trade Center.

“One FC has authentic rules,” said Julaton. “They have soccer kicks, throw kicks to the face, you can have 12-6 elbow strikes, and I feel like with that, I’m able to challenge in that sense. I want to be accustomed to that nature to that type of arena. I really want to focus on that and to excel to that. I think just having a martial arts background, just being a fan about it, just being able to understand the arts and ideas about it, and being able to apply in a control setting.”

Julaton currently holds a record in professional boxing of 13 wins, two losses, and one draw.

Her upcoming MMA fight against Malaysian Ann “Athena” Osman will be her second.

She won her first fight by knockout against Aya Saber.

Osman has one MMA experience with One FC cage. She was in a roughshod slug fest with Singaporean, Sherilyn Lim.

Julaton says she’s excited every time she gets inside the ring.

“Just being able to step in there and just kind of deal with someone who has been committed trying to hurt you, I experienced that in the boxing world,” said Julaton. “I feel like it’s just another day at work. I feel like fighting is fighting if you have the proper mindset. It doesn’t necessarily matter what techniques you know, but if you have the right attitude and proper mindset, things will be set into place. I’m ready to go.”

Veteran boxing analyst for Showtime, Al Bernstein, says Julaton is not only an awesome fighter – she is also an inspiration to women all over the world.

“Yes, she was a boxer, but she has kick-boxing skills and Muy Thai skills, said Bernstein. “She brings things to these that maybe just the boxing wouldn’t so that makes it a great move for her. A lot of women boxers now are thinking about this because they have an interest and acumen for it because the world of MMA provides opportunity for women.”

Bernstein adds that if Julaton finds MMA more gratifying, she needs to stick to MMA instead of going back to boxing.

Meantime, at the recent Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, Julaton was recognized for being the only elite athlete competing both in boxing and MMA.

In just three weeks, Ana Julaton will slug it out in Dubai. She is hopeful that kababayans in the Middle East will support her.

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