Amidst protests, President Trump visits southern border wall in Calexico

For the second time in his presidency, President Donald Trump visited the Southern California border — this time to see some upgrades to the existing border fence in Calexico.

He visited a plaque with his name on it — some of the upgrades to this wall, which includes topping it off with barbed wire, began during the Obama administration.

This mark’s the first upgrade since Trump took office.

As President Donald Trump made his way to the southern U.S. border wall, hundreds of protestors greeted him along the U.S. border.

But locals say there are more pressing issues — from the economy to poverty — in the region.

Along the march supporters of president Trump greeted protestors, backing up Trump’s calls for a border wall.

According to census figures, Calexico is home to only about 500 Asians, with only 25 Filipinos.

However, Filipino historians say many Filipino farmworkers lived and worked the fields in the imperial county region.

They among others in the ethnic mix of border towns like Calexico could get impacted with a Trump threat of a border shutdown.

The US chamber of commerce has said these towns would take an economic hit from halted trade if goods cannot cross the border.

There are a significant number of students in border towns cross the border daily to get to school.

And shutting down the border could actually increase illegal border crossings. Nearly half a million immigrants cross the border legally every day, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Many of them commute from northern Mexican cities to work in the U.S., and could find themselves unemployed if they couldn’t cross the border.

The latest comments from Trump on Thursday saw him take a step back from a border shutdown saying he is thinking of slapping tariffs on Mexico for now.

After the president looked at California’s southern border, he headed to Los Angeles for a fundraiser, where donors gave as much as $150,000 dollars to chip in for his 2020 re-election bid.

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  • Mario
    5 April 2019 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    100,000 illegals/month from HONDURAS, EL SALVADOR and GUATAMALA. This illegal are UNEMPLOYABLE from their home country,average literacy are Grade3, mostly NO READ, NO WRITE,only speak Spanish.We Filipinos are taxpayers, have 2 jobs, yet we have to take care of them, FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE, because we keep voting Democrats who believe on OPEN BORDERS, Sanctuary City,and never admit there is a CRISIS at the border..Trump threatened MEXICO to close the PORT of ENTRY border, it means THOUSAND of CONTAINER TRUCKS could not get in to US and Mex Border.Both country will suffer This is $1.6B/day trade bet US-Mex.”Made in Mex” product from 8,000 US Corp. (Macy, Sears, TJMax,Walmart, etc) will LOSS a lot of money.Bec. of BIG LOSSES in Mex, they will come back to US and expand their plant, more Jobs,jobs to US.Mex scared on this, Chysler left Mex already.. Trump decided to place 25% tariff on Car parts,25% tariff is already their profit in Mex by US Corp., and 25% goes to the Govt as taxes, They rather come back home, expand their plant make more profit. MEX gov’t cooperated immediately and will stop illegal alien Tresspasser in to Mexico.