American victim of alleged “tanim bala” scam refused to pay bribe


MANILA – The alleged bullet-planting scam at Ninoy Aquino International Airport is still a hot topic of discussion. In one case, the alleged victim is a young missionary from the United States who claims he simply refused to pay the bribe.



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  • Mario
    10 November 2015 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    According to NAIA, the average collection of bullets is about 1,500 a year and only 5-10 file complain. If you are coming back to the US and a bullet is planted at your luggage, it it cheaper to give a BIG DOLLARS settlement to the corrupt airport investigator. Because,if you file charges, you will miss your flight, which cost more money for a tickets, checked-in a hotel, just to look and pay for a lawyer,you will be late from work,some loose their jobs in the Middle East for arriving late from work. This is our country now.