American Institute of Architects SF honors Filipinos and Filipino orgs for community work

The American Institute of Architects San Francisco recently celebrated their annual community alliance awards, where Filipinos and Filipino organizations were honored for their ongoing work and proposed projects in various communities.

“The Community Alliance awards with the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco really emphasizes, elevating and exposing the work that people are doing out in community,” said Robin Abad Ocubillo. “We’re looking at our people out there in the community, doing social impact work, working on environmental and social justice.”

SOMA Pilipinas and Undiscovered SF received the Revitalization Award for their work to preserve and promote Filipino culture and traditions, as well as their efforts to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“So with the Soma Pilipinas being selected by the National Endowment of the Arts to do a strategic plan, and portfolio for placemaking, which means creating Filipino inspired crosswalks plaques that would honor our history and our sheroes and heroes,” says director Raquel Redondiez.

Allison Foronda was awarded the student award for her architectural thesis, that focuses on so-called living cemeteries in Manila where poor people not only bury the dead — but also where they live.

“My work ultimately proposes that through the intervention of architecture, we could take a pool of remittances and then funnel that into the community and build a sort of infrastructure where the resources can be amplified to meet the needs of not only the living aspect of the cemetery, but those who are laid there to rest.”

And in the final awarding of the event — Annabelle Udo-O’Malley received the presidential commendation for her years of service to the city and the institute.

“I am happy to be part of an organization that is helping promote a lot of things that are happening in the community, particularly some of the changes that are happening in the south and market area like the Soma Pilipinas Cultural District. So being able to produce programs in partnership with some of the communities makes me really proud to be working for an organization such as a San Francisco center.”

The American Institute of Architecture, San Francisco encourages the public to nominate various organizations and individuals for their annual awards.

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