Inc. acquires Whole Foods Market

HOUSTON, TX — You can buy just about anything on Amazon’s website. But now the giant online retailer recently made a big purchase of their own — grocery chain Whole Foods Market, in a $13.7 billion deal — making Amazon a leading player in the grocery industry overnight.

With their world headquarters is based in Austin, TX, Whole Foods Market operates more than 500 locations in the US and the UK. Giving the online juggernaut retail stores across America — which can now double as mini distribution centers for groceries — and potentially other retail items as well.

Fitting with its broader strategy, the acquisition will help Amazon’s further penetration of the millennial generation.

Amazon and Whole Foods are both extremely popular brands for the millennials — aged from 18 to 35 — who are now the single-largest generation in America.

It’s a generation that was raised online, and embraces the healthy food trends.


While shoppers say they like the idea of the convenience it could offer, there are concerns that the shopping experience could change.


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