“Almost Paradise” director recalls how they completed filming in the Philippines before the pandemic

Although he grew up in the U.S. and fell in love with filmmaking as an American, Francis Dela Torre was born in the Philippines.

That’s why he said it gives him tremendous pride to be a co-executive producer and director of “Almost Paradise,” the first American network TV show set in the Philippines.

“Almost Paradise” follows the familiar storytelling style of shows like “Magnum Pi” and “Hawaii 50” but Dela Torre is proud that a TV show is set in the Philippines and showcases Filipino talents.

Dela Torre described their last day of filming before they had to rush back home to Los Angeles when the pandemic started.

Despite the pandemic, the prospects for the show’s season two are very good, according to Dela Torre.

“Almost Paradise” airs Monday nights on WGN, and can also be seen through Amazon season pass.

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