Algieri: It’s not about money, it’s about Manny

Chris Algieri is now on the final leg of his training camp here in Las Vegas, before he heads to Macau next week to face the fighting Congressman of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao.

Algieri opened up his training to the public at the Venetian Palazzo so fight fans could have a glimpse of what the American boxer has to offer on Nov. 22.

Algieri’s chiseled muscular figure was quite a head-turner. He also showed off his footwork and punching power, as he trained with his coach Tim Laney.

“Most of the guys I fought with in my career have been shorter,” said the American boxer. “I’m tall for the weight class. Ruslin Provodnikov is a shorter guy. I’m not unaccustomed to dealing with shorter foes or guys who are fast or big puncher. I dealt with guys who could really hit. Manny has a very unique style. He is the master of start and stop, push and pull. What he does in there is incredible.”

Algieri said the $2.75 million dollar fight purse is not the point.

By facing Pacquiao, he hopes to prove to the world that fighting the absolute best is priceless.

“It is what it is, but for me, I’m here for glory and for titles and to fight the best in the world. So the money will come if I do what I’m supposed to do and handle my business like what I do with my whole career. Money is not an issue,” said Algieri. “I’m a very confident person to begin with.”

Pinoy boxing fans were also in attendance, trying to get a sneak peek and a glimpse of Pacquiao’s opponent.

But some American fans still doubt Algieri’s strategy to defeat Pacquiao.

“It’s all about the speed,” said Steve Dimopolous, a Pacman fan. “It will go for six rounds. I’m betting for Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao also continues to be the favorite among sports enthusiasts at the race and sports books of Las Vegas casinos.

“Come put some money on me because you could win a lot of money, so the odds should stay the way they are,” said Algieri. “I’m not concerned with the odds. I’ve been the underdog before, so nothing’s new.”

Placing a bet of $900 dollars on Pacquiao will win you $100 dollars. Betting $100 dollars on Algieri will win you $600 dollars.

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