Alex Aclan officially ordained auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — Alex Aclan is now the second Filipino bishop in the U.S.

In the presence of thousands including holy men, friends, family members and many of his past parishioners, Aclan took his vows to become the second Filipino American bishop after his close friend Salt Lake City Bishop Oscar Solis.

Solis was among the esteemed clergy on the altar during the ceremony, along with Archbishop Christophe Pierre who presented the mandate from apostolic see.

As he was ordained, the archdiocese announced that Aclan will serve as episcopal vigor for the San Fernando pastoral region.

In his closing remarks, a tearful Bishop Aclan thanked Pope Francis for appointing him as the newest Los Angeles auxiliary bishop.

“I would like to thank him for bringing me to this moment that is causing me so much joy to everyone I’ve come in contact with in my life and many others whom I have yet to meet. So to God, let us all give glory and praise.”

(See the video/ordination Mass here: https://www.Facebook.Com/olacathedral/videos/297626727839865/.)

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