Alberta K-12 schools will develop Filipino language and culture curriculum

Alberta, Canada —  The provincial government has announced the development of a K-12 Filipino language and culture curriculum for the Alberta school program.

This was the good news Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced to Filipino community leaders recently: her government is developing a Filipino language curriculum to be used in schools across the province.

Notley says the plan is to have the program ready to go for the school year 2020.

“We are really excited to work with the Filipino community and with Albertans to make sure they understand the significant contributions culturally and economically that Filipinos make to Alberta and one of the things that the community said is that they want more opportunity for children to learn at school about the Philippines historically and today. And we are really excited to work with the minister of education and his department and the Filipino community to make that a reality.”

The petition for the Filipino language curriculum was spearheaded by the fiesta Filipino council last year right, after the declaration of June as Philippine heritage month.

“Ang sabi nga nila filipinos are everywhere but sometimes we are invisible sa political and civic life ng alberta. So, by putting our language as one of the international studies program in Alberta, it will be open up to many schools across the province,” said community leader Cesar Cala.

Critics say the announcement is mere election propaganda for the premier as she faces re-election this spring and the polls don’t look promising.

But one of the founders of the Philippine Cultural Center foundation says they have introduced the Filipino language to Calgary Schools ten years ago.

And the Filipino curriculum has been registered with the Alberta education board.

An estimated 175,000 people of Filipino heritage live in the province of Alberta.

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