Alaska wildfires ravage communities with Pinoy populations

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Two serious wildfires in Alaska have threatened hundreds of residences and forced numerous evacuations.

The most recent fire destroyed six structures and forced hundreds of residents to flee their homes on the Kenai Peninsula on Monday.

About 640 acres are being threatened, including some 200 homes.

The latest census data shows that there are 174 Filipinos living in Kenai.

North of Kenai is Willow, where a wildfire also ravaged the area on Sunday.

This community of about 2,000 people is about 80 miles away from Anchorage.

The fire grew to ten square miles and residents were under voluntary evacuation order.

There are close to 400 Filipinos living in Willow, per the latest census data.

The Philippine Consulate in San Francisco, which has jurisdiction over Alaska, says it is monitoring the situation there to see if there are Filipinos affected by the wildfires.

“So, the fire itself is very powerful, but the human response has been I think equally powerful to me, to fly over and see what’s been burned and what’s been left,” Alaska’s Gov. Bill Walker said. “Boy, we are so sorry about the loss of the structures that have taken place. I’m very pleased there has been no loss of life.”

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