Alabama tornado claims 23 lives, including family of 7

It was the deadliest tornado to hit the United States since May 2013, when a twister killed 24 people in Moore, Oklahoma.

At a news conference this morning in Lee County Alabama, the coroner confirmed that the 23 victims, including three children, had been identified. One family lost seven members.

“All 23 victims have been released to the funeral home of choice by those families for funeral services. The ages range from 6 to 93 I believe,” said Bill Harris.

Filipino Rosalinda Crum, a retiree Filipina lives in Jackson Gap, about 45 minutes away from Beauregard, where the two back to back tornadoes touched down on Sunday.

Crum who has lived in Alabama since 2002, said they experience tornado warnings all the time. But this one is the closest one to her, and scariest one.

“All the time you hear it and you just prepare yourself where to go. We have the church here with a basement for us to go if the tornado is really getting close. And we have a neighbor who has a basement so we go and if it is bad, they let you know to run and get cover, hopefully you get enough time. You hear the siren and the TV also as long as the power is on.”

The tornado was an EF-4 with winds estimated at 170 mph. The National Weather Service said 90 people were injured.

Officials said there are still about 7 or 8 people missing.

“There is there is a collective effort of fire departments working together in that area, and we are still conducting some searches in areas, sifting through piles of debris where there may be people or animals such as that there. So we haven’t given up hope. We’re still searching. Thank you,” said the fire chief.

According to government teams surveying the damage, there were at least 18 tornadoes that struck on Sunday in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina alone.

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