AGT’s Cecile and Mighty duo captivates audiences with art of magic, sword swallowing

 LOS ANGELES — Cecile and Mighty’s treasure chest of talent may be a tough act to swallow.

“We do music and magic and everything else sword swallowing, illusions, acrobatic and everything else. Dog performers, live band,” says entertainer Cecile Torrente.

Magic is a family business for Mighty, Cecile’s husband, who mastered the art of illusion in his 20’s.

He takes pride in being one of the only Filipino sword swallowers in the US.


“My father is a sword swallower and my Lolo is a sword swallower, so I’m a third generation third swallower.”

The two first met as teenagers. Cecile studied dentistry, and Mighty; zoology.

The two went into their separate careers — but abracadabra, the international zookeeper eventually locked up his smiling singing doctor.


“We are college sweethearts,” said Cecile. “My first boyfriend, and we met again after 20 something years and the oh yeah you’re singing, and he’s doing magic — so we just started. Maybe we can combine it.”


With their matching hair colors, Cecile’s piercing notes, and Mighty’s sharp sword have managed to captivate audiences throughout Southern California and beyond.

Last year the duo managed to make the top 16 round in America’s Got Talent.



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