After SCOTUS immigration ruling, advocates hope for broader reform fight

Following the U.S. Supreme Court deadlock on President Obama’s executive orders on immigration relief programs, undocumented immigrants who would have benefited from those programs are now living in a sort of limbo. Don Tagala spoke with immigrant advocates at a New York City rally to get their take on their current plight.


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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    1 July 2016 at 7:05 am - Reply

    Well known universal theory you can take it anywhere with you… Whatever the Tree is, that it’s own Fruit. For example, Apple tree will bear the famous apple fruit, that’s a fact folks. Likewise, tomatoe plant will bear tomatoe, in a variety of sizes…but not eggplant or pepper?

    So, if you’re illegal immigrant and you migrated and eventually have kids here in the states, then you’re kids are illegal too! So then you have those amateur host that is in need of some article or the so called hot topics that would them to the highly competitive edge of the media…Anyone can sensationalize the “struggle of the illegal immigrants”…their continued fight for immigration reform…the illegal immigrants are taking their fight to a higher level… You see folks, these is what’s going on, kind of cheap but this is what we get!