After LAUSD teacher’s strike, first charter schools return to class

LOS ANGELES — While a massive teacher strike has since ended, there are still many teachers not going back into the class room, teachers from 3 charter schools also took the streets.

While 30,000 Los Angeles Unified school district teachers resumed classes after an eight day strike, about 80 teachers stayed out on the picket lines a little longer.

Teachers who work for the three charter schools operated by The Accelerated Schools, striking over salary, tenure, and due process issues. The strike — which lasted 8 days — is believed to be the first of its kind in California, and only the second charter school strike in the country.

This young Filipina took the podium for her dad who was one of the 80 TAS teachers on strike.

“We are not fighting for money. We are fighting for dignity. We are fighting for securable jobs because a lot of teachers decide they won’t come back next year every year it’s the same thing over and over again. So we are tired. We are fighting for the students,” said Arthur Fuentes.

Unlike the public education system, charter schools operate as independent private entities.

However, some teachers are represented by the United Teachers Los Angeles.

UTLA, with many active Filipino leaders, has been on the front lines in the ongoing labor issues.

“It runs separately from LAUSD so we want to make sure that our charter school teachers are able to have a similar contract that a lot of our teachers from UTLA and LAUSD are able to enjoy and that’s what we’re continuing to raise the bar for standards for our charter school teachers,” said Jill Marucut.

The school said that it was disheartened that the UTLA has called for a strike, it says they had already agreed on a salary last March. With the new deal, classes resumed on Monday.

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