After heavy storms, Kauai still under flash flood warning

KAUAI, HI — The island of Kauai is under a flash flood warning.

“Now it’s clear but the storm is headed back again.We have a little break so we’re trying to do as much as we can. Hopefully not as much rain as we had,” said Vance Pascua. “That was more rain that I’ve seen in 24 hours.”

Pascua tells us that their whole neighborhood of Koloa is on edge. 30 homes were flooded last weekend, including his parents’ home. Trying to get to them then, Pascua says, was a scary moment.

“We were trying to figure out how to get there and we ended up swimming towards the house, cause that’s how deep it started to get and I was worried for more flash flood and take more stuff away and people so we tried to get to them as soon as possible.”

But many had to wait to be rescued. Waineha and Hanei are still cut off, according to the Red Cross.


Kauai government employees federal credit union has been collecting and distributing donations. But, Monica Belz tells us that there is a lot more they need to do especially after hearing this weekend’s forecast.

“It’s very concerning that another storm is coming and flash flood is in effect again. Because a lot of homes, landslides again. The homes that pumped their water out, they might see some more destruction.”

KGEFCU has set up a flood relief fund for the island of Kauai, including for residents of Koloa where the pascua family lives. Anyone wishing to donate, can visit KGEFCU’s Facebook page.

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