After hard-fought campaign, Gina Ortiz Jones concedes to Republican opponent in Texas’ 23rd district

Gina Ortiz Jones hoped to make history by becoming the first openly gay woman of color, first Iraq war veteran to represent Texas in Congress. But after a hard fought-campaign, this Fil-Am has conceded to her Republican opponent.

In a statement, Ortiz Jones said that while her campaign came up short this time, they ran a race of which they can be proud.

She said she remains committed to serving her community and country, and wished her opponent, incumbent Will Hurd, the courage to fight for Texas’ 23rd district in which it deserves.

Ortiz Jones failed to turn the tide against Hurd, who consistently led by about 1,000 votes.

After failed attempts at getting a complete list of provisional voters, Ortiz Jones campaign decided against launching a costly recount effort.

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