Schools nationwide take extra measures to protect students from shooters

That’s the O’Fallon, Missouri police department training for an active school shooting scenario.

And these are teachers taking virtual training class to help them through possible similar cases.

Those are just a few recent efforts various schools are doing to help protect students since the fatal shooting at Parkland High School in Florida last February.

At least six states are considering loosen gun restriction on school campuses that would let certain school staffers carry firearms.

In Jersey City,  despite having one of the largest school districts in the state, the city does not have plans to arm teachers.

They do have police officers in some schools.

“However, lately in the United States we also had to deal with external threats to our schools, so we have coverage with plain clothes and both uniforms that you can see, and all that depends on the intelligence component that our police department does and what we feel is the level at each school’s at any time,” said James Shea, Jersey City public safety director.

Some states have introduced or signed bills to fund school security measures.

In Florida, Governor Scott signed into law a package of bills that includes funding to bolster school security and mental health programs. The bill also allows certain school staffers carry firearms for protection on campuses once they’ve received a certain amount of training.

In Wisconsin, governor Scott Walker introduced a package of bills that would open up $100 million in grants for security upgrades and hiring school resource officers.

Recent incidents at Dixon High School in Illinois credit a school resource officer for stopping a gunman.


“The preliminary investigation currently shows the suspect fired several shots near the west gym. At that point, he was confronted by the school resource officer. When confronted, the suspect school and began running westbound,” said police chief Steven Howell.

Meanwhile, the White House has proposed firearms training for some school personnel and improve criminal background checks on gun buyers.

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