AF3IRM creates digital memory website in honor of Filipino frontliners who died from COVID-19

Transnational feminist organization AF3IRM recently launched a digital memorial website to honor Filipino frontliners who died from coronavirus.

The idea came out when AF3IRM’s Jollene Levid’s two Filipino relatives who were healthcare professionals succumbed to COVID-19.

Ninotchka Rosca, who came up with the name of the global site, noted had 5,000 visits all over the world within a week after it was launched, with viewers coming from as far as Africa.

Canada coordinator Charlene Sayo said the site includes a tribute gallery, as well as a chart and a live global map to see the number of deaths in every country.

The US and the UK graph with the most deaths, while the Philippines ranked third.

Canada is one of the countries with the lowest death rates.

The list includes healthcare worker Warlito Valdez, a Filipino Canadian who died from COVID-19 last April 5.

Sayo explained Canada’s work and diligence helped to contain the virus.

“Our chief medical officers across the country also reacted well. I hink that they reacted critically and also quickly in terms of trying to protect Canadians.’

Rosca said Pinoys all over the world continue to send them information, adding that recognizing the contributions of their loved ones is a way to deal with their grief during the pandemic.

“Right now we’re just very happy that the names are there. The photographs are there and an understanding of the impact of labor export. in our community, in our country. The website touches on it.”

The website is a developing project.

Filipinos can go to to send a memory or story of loved ones who lost their lives in the battle against the coronavirus.

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