Advocating and educating for caregivers, workers rights

In San Francisco, advocates for immigrant workers in the city are coming together, hoping a new education effort on workers rights, will help curb abuse and exploitation.

Caregiver Victoria Bautista Aquino knew she was being exploited by her employer.

Aquino eventually found the courage to file a lawsuit against her employer, and in 2010, she won.

Now, Bautista helps other workers fight the abuse and exploitation that she once endured.

“I’m calling the attention of all caregivers and other workers to come out and voice out. They don’t need to be scared, documented or undocumented. They have the right to fight,” she says.

In San Francisco, coalitions of workers rights advocates reaffirmed their commitment to the city’s immigrant workforce through an education campaign.

“There is a heightened fear among the workers, even though San Francisco has declared itself a sanctuary city for a while now, workers are still fearful that they can just get detained and deported,” said Aurora Victoria David from the Filipino Community Center. “That’s why the Filipino Community Center and the different organizations here are committed to educating our community, are committed to putting out different training and workshops and knowing the rights of workers.”

The diversity in the room reflects the diversity in San Francisco — something these advocates say is worth uniting and fighting for.

As the training and workshops continue, these workers and advocates are also preparing for the May 1st global rally, International Worker’s Day.


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