Advocates to make one last push for 2013 immigration reform

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America bureau

September 24, 2013

LOS ANGELES–As congress returned to work for their fall session immigrant rights activists took to the streets to launch one last push to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, announcing an October 5 national day of action. 

About forty cities will take to the streets to call on congress to pass on immigration reform. 

“We are expecting congress to work on immigration reform bill for this October. Nothing more nothing less. (Sic)This is October this is the start of the last quarter . We need to have an immigration reform bill before the year ends,” said FilAm Ramon Alcantara of the Service Employees International Union. 

After the US senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill earlier this year that includes a pathway to earned citizenship for the undocumented as well as enhanced border security and changes to the work and family visa programs. 

The House of Representatives has stalled on the reform efforts. 

While advocates continue the push for immigration reform, they fear several national and international issues such as gun control, the Syria conflict, and the attempted repeal of Obamacare may be causing lawmakers to lose focus on immigration issues.

“Republicans would rather fight democrats on issues to defend out government, to cut support for our families and take away healthcare coverage instead of supporting bipartisan solutions,” said Angelica Salas of Coalition for Humane Immigration Reform Los Angeles. 

Advocates including elected officials are also calling on president Obama to use his executive power to pass the measure. 

This is the time for him use that bully pulpit use his executive powers as a leverage on the congress,” urged Los Angeles city councilman bet Gil Cedillo. 

Republican leaders have said that they prefer to tackle immigration reform through a series of smaller bills than one large overhaul and several “piece meal” bills including benefits for “dreamers” and border security is making its way thru the house.

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  • Kikay Pang0
    25 September 2013 at 4:59 am - Reply

    Stop rewarding foreign intruders amnesty, they’re trouble and leeching benefits from US govt.

  • Jorge Buesa
    26 September 2013 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    YES we need immigration reform bill rightaway ? So Americans can get rid of the Kids and People that don’t belong in America, came into America the wrongway ? Yes America has to wake-up and get rid of this foreign takeing our hard earn money ! They should go back to they country and let they country take care of them ?