Advocates protest “zero tolerance” policy at San Francisco ICE headquarters

These are the images of children in detention centers after being separated from their parents who illegally crossed the US border.

This is the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

Over a recent six-week stretch — more than 2,300 children have been taken to shelters.

These Bay Area protesters said they were tired of seeing these images and on Tuesday, they took their frustrations to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in downtown San Francisco.

Fil-Ams also joined part of the demonstrations.

“We’re part of migrant people around the world that are standing up to the oppression of our people here, in our homelands, at the borders, at the airports wherever they are taking our people, taking our families, separating us from our children and imprisoning us,” said Filipino Community Center’s Terry Valen.

They are the same group who alleged that human rights activist Jerome Aba was illegally detained and tortured during his scheduled visit at San Francisco international airport.

The customs and border protections denied such allegations and said he was treated fairly.

Now, these activists say that the separation of children is another form of cruelty on migrants.

“We need to be in these streets. Shut down ICE. Shut down these detention centers. Shut down the Customs and Border Protections, Homeland Security that are oppressing our people since the war on terror was launched by this country and been maintained through terrorizing our people around the world.”

More demonstrations are planned in various cities throughout the Bay Area for the rest of the week — building up to a national day of action on Saturday, June 30th.


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