Advocates launch app to encourage abused Filipino workers to report their cases

NEW YORK — Damayan Migrant Workers organization together with the Pilipino Workers Center of Los Angeles teamed up for “Building Baklas” — a national campaign to break free from modern-day slavery or human trafficking.

At this workshop, these Filipinos not only learned that migrant workers have legal rights in the U.S. — whether they’re documented or not.

They also got to hear from human trafficking survivors who fought for their rights, and even won their cases against their abusive employers.

Hannah Abinuman of the Pilipino Workers Center said to keep up with the digital times, Filipino migrant workers can download an app that aims to inform them of their rights in the workplace.

“EMPLEO Pinoy app is actually a free app, you can download it on google play or app store… it actually gives domestic workers, it doesn’t have to be domestic workers, basta regular workers access to answers.”

Workers can also chat with other workers and experts about their rights and benefits as employees, as well as immigration-related questions.

Trafficking survivor turned immigrant rights advocate Terri Villasenor is among those who answer questions in the EMPLEO app.

With this worker’s app and open communication lines with philippine officials in the U.S. — advocates are hoping abuse towards Filipino migrant workers can finally be prevented.

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