Advocates, consulate urge AB60 applicants to get documentation assistance

LOS ANGELES – In a month, about 279,000 have applied for AB60, which allows undocumented workers to obtain a California drivers licenses.

Over 39,000 AB60 licenses since been issued.

While the new law has been well received, immigrant right advocates say there has been a few challenges.

“We’ve only had a small number that we’ve heard of that have gotten their actual permits not because they’ve had problems with the written tests but just because of the documents issue,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza, executive director of the Pilipino Workers Center.

The identity documents accepted by the DMV include birth certificates, passports, consular cards, or expired drivers licenses issued after the year 2000.

The Pilipino Workers Center says, however, they have seen some applicants sent for a secondary review despite providing the approved documents.

The Philippine Consulate is encouraging applicants to stop by the consulate for help to gather records that would prove their identity.

“We’ve pretty much created a new document called the Affidavit for Undertaking. The person himself would be able to present secondary proof that this is his identity and he resides in California. We put our stamp of approval on it and pretty much validate the document and say that the Philippine government is backing this document as acceptable by other institutions,” explained LA Philippine Consul General Leo Hererra-Lim.

The consul general says the process would only take about a day, believing it’s a better use of time rather than have to wait in line again as appointments have filled up in many branches and can take as long as three weeks to make.

“We want people the first time they go to be able to receive their drivers permit already so they can access a drivers license and not fear having their cars towed or ticketed for not having a license,” explained Versoza.

The PWC is continuing to host in person workshops and group session for drivers trying to get their AB60 license.

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  • noz
    6 June 2015 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    illegal aliens are the expert on scams. the question how kosher are the documents these lawless illegal aliens are submitting. without a doubt, illegal aliens as scam artists living lawlessly for years in america, many can slip through with their fake papers in exchange for legitimate permits.