Advancing health and fitness tech at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS, NV — At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Car manufacturer Hyundai revealed that mobility technology can go beyond automobiles with this robotic Exoskeleton. It was developed to aid paraplegics to walk again.

French company Novin developed this Smartcane, which has built-in GPS and SIM card. The Smartcane will alert the caregiver on the whereabouts of the user. But the cane is much smarter than just being an alert system.

“It can learn and understand the habits of each user… for example, at which time you wake up the morning, how many steps you do by day, etc.,” said Novin’s Amandine Fayet.

Tired and strained eyes from staring at computer screens all day is a problem one company strives to relieve with these heat massaging goggles.

“It’s based on Chinese medicine acupuncture theory, so it can help massage each different point — like Accupoint around the eyes, so it can help you relax. [It also can] help the blind to release more oil like fluid to lubricate your eye,” said Acumed Source, Inc.’s Jojo Song.

Tired spouses staying awake from noisy partners who snore loud in their sleep is a problem another company hopes to solve with its snoring solution, Nora.

It detects early sounds of snoring and activates a silent pump under your pillow, which elevates your head to relax throat muscles — therefore, opening the airway.

Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease are the target for Chinese company Gyenno. They designed a spoon to reduce the hand shaking for those affected with Parkinson’s. The spoon has a two-motor control system that reduces the handshaking motion horizontally and vertically.




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