Activists push for rights for the undocumented on Immigrant Day of Action

SACRAMENTO, CA —To mark the 23rd annual Immigrant Day of Action, groups from all over California, some who made the trip over-night, stood on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento to ask for fairness when it comes to health care.

“Here at the Pilipino Workers Center, there are single parents, local families that we are supporting. So that’s why we came. We traveled eight hours for them. We are here just to support. Just for everybody. It’s going to be health for all,” said Chris Siclot.

Organizers, like Fil-Am executive director Cynthia Buiza of the California Immigration Policy Center, say that this issue is a matter of life or death.

“As part of our policy platform, we are petitioning our legislature and our governor to make sure that we provide access to basic life-saving care for immigrant brothers and sisters.”

Following this rally, activists will enter the Capitol and meet with lawmakers to push for four bills, which will allow health care for the undocumented, allow financial credit to low-income families, limit private security in deportation arrests, and restrict police officers’ use of deadly force.

“California must point a different way forward. We see what is happening in the country: the treatment of immigrants, the dehumanization of our families. California can and must lead.”

Meanwhile, Governor Gavin Newsom says that while he is set to spend $98 millio  to cover undocumented low-income immigrants between the ages of 19-25 — he has expressed concern to spend the estimated three-point-four billion dollars to cover all undocumented people over the age of 19.

This week, the state senate and assembly will finalize their budget proposals before meeting with the governor.

According to state law, the budget has to be passed by June 15, or law-makers forfeit their pay.

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  • Mario
    23 May 2019 at 12:59 am - Reply

    The Democrat Governor of California committed to spend $3.4 Billion for health care on Illegal alien. Where will they get the money,from CA Taxpayers,residence,…how increase taxes,fees, all kinds of fees from energy, water, parking, registration fees and many more…. Why not California US citizen free health care,… why illegal alien. If this Bill will passed on June 15,…. millions of illegal alien will be moving to CA…. Welcome to CA a third world country.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    23 May 2019 at 1:57 am - Reply

    Just like uncle Jerry Brown, he’d ran California to the ground… And now Gavin Newspme D-CA), another big mistake for Californians, and he’s going to spend billions of dollars to fund illegal immigrants healthcare? Wow, that is way dumber than a squirrel, says Wayne Lord (Monterey, California resident). Akdditionally, California cannot even fix its own free ways, California… Another big problem is that California cannot provide help to the homeless community