Activists in Hawaii and Alaska find creative ways to show solidarity with BLM movement

HAWAII — While violent protests have erupted in the contiguous U.S. states in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who begged for his life while in police custody, activists in Hawaii and Alaska are finding creative ways — from music and dance, to art and activity — to show their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

To some, the peaceful demonstrations appear as a good sign, but other people question it.

One activist believes there’s been a lack of action when it comes to fighting for social change in Hawaii — and said the aloha state’s diverse population could be the reason.

Others believe the violence and looting happening in major U.S. cities are justifiable — saying that while property can be replaced, the same can’t be said for human lives.

The next major demonstration in Oahu will take place this Saturday as community members come together to make art before the rally, while anchorage is planning to hold a demonstration on the same day as well.

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