Activists commemorate Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary in LA

August 21, 1983 is a moment that helped shape Philippine democracy. On this day, 35 years ago, Senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated.

Today, activists and leaders are finding ways to remember him, especially during hard times.

Activists gathered outside the Los Angeles Philippine Consulate to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the assassination of Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Many of them had taken the streets in the Philippines during the People Power Revolution of 1986.

“Ninoy Aquino gave his life trying to regain freedom for us and he should be remembered. He’s not like Marcos who’s buried in the libingan ng mga bayani. He’s not the hero in this history.”

“Because of the death of Ninoy the seed of democracy and freedom was implanted in the hearts of all Filipinos leading to the ouster of Marcos and we need the same kind of spirit and the same kind of heroism today with the situation in the Philippines,” said Father
Ben Sagra.

While they also offered prayers for the victims in the war on drugs, lining up the consulate walls with their images, they also raised concern over martial law threats.

They believe President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent remark about stepping down only paves the way for a dictatorship.

“He’s stepping down but he’s provoking the military to take over. Imaging the President of the Philippines disregarding the constitution and if it is true they are forming a caretaker group composed of Bongbong Marcos, Sarah Duterte, GMA and Lorenzana; that is a big problem because it’s not according to the rule of succession in the constitution,” said Arturo

Despite the speculation that the 72-year-old Duterte’s health may have contributed to his remarks on stepping down, however, his special assistant has said that Duterte is mentally and physically fit to finish his term.

As these activists remembered Ninoy, President Duterte also gave his message, saying that more Filipinos are needed like Ninoy to steer the country in the right direction for a better and brighter future.

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