Activists call for government shutdown over Dream Act

SAN FRANCISCO — As the so-called tax bill draws one step closer to President Donald Trump’s desk, immigrant rights activists say among those pages, a broken promise.
At least a hundred rallied outside of Senator Diane Feinstein’s San Francisco office.
“We just wanna stand in solidarity with the people that get DACA and people that are getting their lives threatened and uprooted from their communities,” said Annie Pugh.
With the spending bill’s deadline on Friday, some Democratic lawmakers had vowed to not pass it, and allow a government shutdown unless the Dream act and a solution for recipients of DACA could be included.
While a representative from the office tried to explain that the senator is in support of the Dream Act, but if it came to a government shutdown over the Dream Act.
They’re still hoping for action on a dream act by the end of this year; however, they say it must be what they consider a clean Dream Act.
“There can’t be in compromise in terms of putting more requirements more things on it. We just need to pass it as it is,” says Bruce Chow.
A group of bi-partisan lawmakers met with Chief of Staff John Kelley this week to discuss a compromise that involves a solution to DACA and the construction of a southern border wall.
The clock is ticking for lawmakers to work on a solution for the Dream Act in DACA. This March, the temporary protection from deportations for DACA recipients expire.
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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    28 December 2017 at 11:37 pm - Reply

    According to Collins and Collins (U.S.A. Today, 2017), Congress approved short-term spending bill to avert a federal government shutdown.

    With all these misguided and desperate ideologies on DACA, Annie Pugh will go on portraying people as being uprooted from their communities. Like any cultural Marxism tactics (being a critic of the government), this DACA or Dream Act will be accepted by “guilt ridden communities”…Most advocates these days will fool you while advocating what they believed to be right base on their self-righteous and self-serving agenda on DACA or Dream Act…