Activists and lawmakers make their rounds, as DACA deadline approaches

Will he or won’t he — that’s the question many once undocumented youth have been asking, as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals face an ultimatum. Reporter Steve Angeles tells us about some of the ongoing efforts ahead of President Donald Trump’s big decision. 

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  • Mario
    31 August 2017 at 3:08 am - Reply

    DACA should end, all of them should be deported and start falling in line at their home country, then wait for their turn to come back. LAW SUIT? Try it… Trump appointed Justice Gorsuch and the SC will remain conservative MAJORITY(5-4) for the next 30 years. ECONOMY is surging, first time in 10 yrs, GDP hit 3%, all US President was re-elected at 2% GDP, except OBAMA, his GDP was 1.9%. Over 1 Million jobs created and Stock market is soaring high. Trump who had accomplished so much for the past 8 months is beyond comparison on what OBAMA accomplished in 8 years….Trump agenda is to uplift WELFARE to WORK,that they will love to work every morning for the rest of their life. 800K DACA deported means a lot of jobs vacancies to American citizen. Blame OBAMA and the Democrat, they had 4 years to help DACA recipients, instead they allow corrupt Immigration lawyers to collect their fees for the past 4 years.