Authorities lift lockdown on Navy Yard ship, after reports of shooter

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Washington DC’s Navy Yard went under lockdown this morning after reports of an active shooter.

Police officers, bomb squads, and ambulances surrounded the navy yard around 8 a.m.

Washington police say a call coming from inside the navy yard building reported a possible gunshot sound.

In a preventive measure the White House also stepped up security and closed Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park to tourists.

Two hours later, federal law enforcements gave the “all clear.”

According to DC police, after a thorough sweep of the navy yard, they found no evidence of a shooting or anyone injured.

The navy yard was the site of a 2013 mass shooting where a gunman killed 12 workers and wounded several others.

The gunman, a navy yard contractor and former reservist was killed by police.

“We heard someone scream get out of the building, stay away from the cafeteria and we saw everyone running for the exits or you know adjoining offices so you know we weren’t near an exit there was no time to try to get to an exit so we just sheltered in the office and that was the last we saw, there was no struggle or anything like that just everyone running to either get to an exit,” said Commander Scott Williams of the U.S. Navy.

“The base is on lockdown, everybody has been asked to shelter in place, security forces are investigating a potential incident so far everything else has been unconfirmed,” said Chris Johnson of Naval Sea Systems Command.

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