ACLU files lawsuit vs. Los Alamitos anti-sanctuary ordinance

Now that the Orange County city of Los Alamitos has passed an ordinance to opt out of California’s sanctuary state law. Civil rights groups and local residents have responded with their own lawsuit.

Less than two days after, the American Civil Liberties  Union, or ACLU, fired back with a lawsuit, personally delivering it to the city clerk.


The lawsuit which lists the group Los Alamitos community united as plaintiffs, claims that the city violated state laws and have put public safety at risk.


“We are therefore asking the court to declare that the ordinance is in violation of California law and order the city to comply with California Values Act,” said Sameer Ahmed.

“Its really with regret that we are joining in this lawsuit. We really had hoped this city council would listen to us and listen to reason and listen to the needs of their local community and do what’s right,” said Monica Glicken.


“I felt a little hopeless after the vote but knowing we can do this and there are options it makes me feel a lot better,” said Michelle Tio.


Several Orange County cities and the OC board of supervisors have also made moves to break away from the state’s sanctuary laws.

Despite the growing number of anti-sanctuary cities, Los Alamitos for now, will be the only one facing legal action.


“Los Alamitos has decided to exempt itself from state law. It’s very different,” said Jessica
Bansel.”It’s not a symbolic action. They’ve actually said to their schools to their health facilities to their police, you are exempt from SB54’s protections and they have actually invited ICE into their communities.”


Local Filipinos have been on the front lines of the sanctuary debate since the council first brought it up last month, City Council meetings have led to a series of heated confrontations between immigrant rights groups that live in Los Alamitos, and anti-illegal immigration activists who come in from outside the area.

While the mayor is not responding to the lawsuit yet, he has begun fundraising efforts to pay for their defense against the suit.


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  • Mario
    21 April 2018 at 1:49 am - Reply

    Federal Law is the law of the Land… NOT State law…Californian want public safety, are finally waking up and saying “Enough is enough”, The CA Governor need to follow the law of our Constitution… Two thirds(2/3) of the criminal illegal alien lives,hide and protected by the Democrat leaders inside the Sanctuary City..US Fed Prison composed of 6%-US citizen, 94% immigrant(Green Card holder), 35K individuals are criminal illegal alien and it cost $19 Million a day to keep them in jail. It is cheaper to built a Wall…You can not just DEPORT the 94% immigrant-green card holders, they have Constitutional rights, it need Legislation. The 35K illegal alien can be deported, but they have ways to come back, not until the wall is built.