Accused USC gynecologist abuser may have been targeting Asian students

LOS ANGELES — The decades-long University of Southern California scandal involving a former gynecologist is one step closer to a multi-million dollar settlement, but the victims, including a Filipino American whistleblower, are not happy about this deal.

A federal judge has signed off on a $215 million settlement in the case of former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall, who has been accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of students.

Under the settlement, about 17,000 women treated by Tyndall over a 3-decade span will be eligible to receive between 25-hundred to a quarter million dollars.

Documents uncovered by the Los Angeles Times earlier shows that Tyndall, who is married to a Filipina, and would often wear a barong Tagalog to work, may have been targeting students from Asian countries because of their language skills and lack of knowledge on American gynecology.

Among the hundreds of victims to file suit against him is Filipino American Daniella Mohazab, who was one of the first victims to step forward.

Since Mohazab first shared her story early 2018, Tyndall has had his medical license revoked, and many USC administrators had been ousted — however, Tyndall who has not yet been criminally charged has denied the allegations.

“They have been important leaders in our efforts to make doctor Tyndall and use accountable and to make sure Dr. Tyndall is no longer allowed to practice medicine,” said Atty. Gloria Allred.

 However, according to Mohazab’s lawyer, doesn’t believe this preliminary settlement is not that justice.

Allred, who represents 62 alleged victims, says in a statement that the proposed class settlement is grossly insufficient: “Awarding victims $2,500 to no more than $250,000, in my opinion, is inadequate compensation for the emotional distress that the victims suffered.”

Allred adds that she believes that most of more than 700 individual victims who have already filed suit in State court, will opt out of the class settlement if the settlement is approved.

A final approval for the $215 million settlement is scheduled for January.

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