According to critics, Rodrigo Duterte is the most powerful president in Philippine history

NEW YORK — In a press conference in new york, community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis told members of the media why keeping the Senate independent in keeping democracy in the Philippines.

Critics call former Davao mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte -the most powerful president in Philippine history.

But embedded in the 1986 Philippine constitution is the separation of powers, written precisely to prevent the abuse of power by keeping the government or a president from becoming too powerful.

The power of the government is equally divided among its three branches – the legislative, executive and judicial.

But under the Duterte administration, Lewis said, the only power standing that remains independent is the Senate side of the legislative branch.

Political scientist Ramon Mappala – who was among those rounded up and jailed by the Marcoses during the martial rule in the19 70’s says – Duterte’s playbook looks awfully familiar.

Community leaders in New York are calling on voters in the Philippine midterm elections to keep in mind the importance of a free and independent Senate – to keep not only the leaders in check, but to make democracy alive in the Philippines.

“On May 13 you are going to choose between dictatorship, or democracy… the Filipino people will be choosing an independent senate that says no to dictatorial tyranny and extrajudicial killings of the other side.”

Community leaders here say one way to do all this is to vote in the 2019 Philippine midterm elections.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    10 May 2019 at 2:11 am - Reply

    As usual, Tita Loida is once again misrepresenting the facts that President Duterte is the most powerful president in Philippines history? I would like to believe that but it not accurate, says the New York based Doctor Dante Cubangbang. How can Duterte be when he cannot even catch Jose Maria Sison? It is really hard to catch Sison because Tita Loida and Tito Ramon are both supporting Tito Jose way back from the martial era…