AC Bonifacio talks about sacrifices in her journey to become a kapamilya star

VANCOUVER — Balitang America first interviewed AC Bonifacio in 20-15, when she was part of a dancing duo called Lucky Aces that wowed popular talkshow host Ellen Degeneres.

Fast forward to 2019…Bonifacio is now a star in the Philippines after having won the tv contest “Dance Kids” in 2016, bagging endorsements, being on ASAP and gaining millions of followers on social media.

“Its cool because it’s my passion, what I’m doing, I’m just performing….the fact that I can do it over there with my people and just inspire other people makes it even greater.”

Bonifacio admits living her dream in Manila comes with a trade-off, especially with half of her family still living in Canada.

“For sure my family, there its just me and my mom, we wake up, go to work, sleep. Here we wake up and have breakfast together, dinner together…i miss hanging out with them and my little brother, watching him grow through the phone is really hard too.”

But she has so much gratitude for her loyal fans in the Philippines.

“Fil fans have so much dedication, they have so much loyalty to whoever they love and they really just use them as an inspiration and I find that amazing. Like at the end of the year in school, one says I got straight A’s thank you AC for inspiring me and that’s absolutely amazing bec it inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing too.”

Aside from performing in Vancity, Bonifacio was also a special guest at the recent K-Con in LA.

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