Steve Angeles

Steve Angeles has been with ABS-CBN North America since 2005, starting out as an intern, editor, production assistant, and part-time reporter. In 2010, Steve was relocated to Los Angeles where he functions as a one-man video journalist. He covers general assignments throughout Southern California region.

Born in the Quezon City, Steve grew up in Northern California. His mother is comedian Louella Albornoz, while his father Andrew had also worked in television. Steve believes he was born into television, his parents met through the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) with several philippine showbiz figures serve as his ninongs as his ninangs. Steve was a student athlete and Audio/Video commissioner at El Camino high school, and graduated with Brodcasting and Electronic Communication Arts in San Francisco State University.

Steve has received various awards from Filipino communities which he is proud to serve and report on.