“Abolish ICE” vs. Trump supporters heated at debate outside LAPD office

LOS ANGELES — As candidates for the LA County Sheriff’s Post faced off, anti-ICE activists and President Donald Trump’s supporters also engaged in a heated debate outside the LAPD headquarters.

As the arguments got more intense, police had to separate the two sides.

Activists have blamed incumbent sheriff Jim McDonnell, who has opposed California’s sanctuary state policies for the high number of deportations in the region.

At least five Philippine nationals were deported last month in a series of ICE raids in the area.

“McDonnell, stop collaborating with ICE, we in LA can abolish ICE, abolish ICE.”

The verbal confrontation and battle of political stances on immigration come as the Trump administration faces a major deadline this week.

This Thursday marks the court ordered deadline for the Trump administration to reunite migrant families who were separated at the border.

As many as 2500 hundred families had been separated as part of the president’s zero tolerance on immigration policy.

While the administration had faced a series of procedural hurdles in the beginning, as of last-last Friday, over 400 families have been reunited.

But some families’ hope for reunification is dwindling as the Trump administration has suggested that over 400 children’s parents have already been deported.

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  • Mario
    25 July 2018 at 5:43 pm - Reply

    OBAMA deported 3 million illegals in 8 years, equivalent to 1,027 deported EVERYDAY.Trump-ICE deported 150,000 and Trump is already 600 days old. With that numbers, Obama-ICE are more efficient or maybe more CRUEL than Trump-ICE. Democrat want to abolished ICE, open borders, allow millions of illegal and more criminal MS-13 to live at the Sanctuary Cities..BAD and NON-winning election campaign issues. Last June,Trump failed for the 3rd time to pass Immigration reform, which include, DACA, 2.2Million Illegal-Amnesty with path to citizenship, end chain and lottery migration, built border wall.Democrat did not cooperate and want Immigration to remain as political issue forever.MID-TERN election is the only solution; the GOP should add/ win 9-10 NEW Senator on November in order to pass a bill for 60 votes.If 8 new GOP win, Immigration Reform will remain as political issue forever.The Democrat should add and win 24 New Congressional seats to impeach Trump.