AAPI, Muslim activists hold peaceful anti-Trump vigil in support of immigrants

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News

Hundreds of Asian American immigrant rights and Muslim advocates came out in full force for a vigil in the Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles, declaring their city will be a sanctuary — no matter what President Donald Trump’s executive orders may be.
“We are being targeted by this administration when it comes to immigration, health care, any executive orders that we may have seen the last couple days,” says Anthony Ng, from Asian Americans Advancing Justice LA.
In the past few days since Trump began work as 45th U.S. President, he has signed orders to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities that help shield undocumented immigrants, and refuse to work with federal agencies in their deportation.
He’s also made moves to begin building a border wall between the US and Mexico.
And he’s also in the process of a travel ban to and from Muslim countries.
We have to make sure we’re protecting all immigrants, that we’re not throwing anyone under the bus, that we’re really standing up — whether it’s an attack on DACA, whether it’s an attack on Muslims, whether it’s an attack on other immigrant communities or communities of color — we are there standing in solidarity with them,” says Ng. “At the end of the day of we stand on the side, and we’re the ones being targeted, and we’re not there in solidarity with other folks, who’s gonna stand up with us?”
Many of Trump’s orders involving immigration has been met with resistance. But there is one issue that has caused suspense with immigration advocates — the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
As of now, Trump has not announced any decision on the 2012 executive order that has sparred nearly 800,000 undocumented youth.
While activists take to the streets…leaders say there also needs to be a push for certain measures — especially the bipartisan BRIDGE Act.
The act stands for Bar Removal of Immigrants who Dream of Growing our Economy.
“If President Trump is to do away with DACA, those 800,000 individuals that came here before the age of 16 will be protected and have the full right to stay here and full right to work,” said Mike Eng of the LA City College Board at an AAAJ press conference.
The BRIDGE Act is still in its early stages in the Senate.
While activists hold hope for that bill to eventually pass, they are also hoping that other Trump-orders on immigration will be challenged in court.
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  • Mario
    27 January 2017 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    You are wasting your time rallying, on immigration issues,Muslims and ME refugees, Sanctuary City, etc.. American had spoken they don’t buy your agenda… that is why you lose in the Presidential election… Hillary Clinton will not become your President anymore. President Trump signing exec actions based on his campaign promises. It was a busy week for Trump, while you losers are confused, you should be happy because the illegal alien will give back the jobs they stolen from you,….We won,you lose….Stop crying… grow-up….

  • h
    28 January 2017 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    Muslims are animals, they are killers and shouldn’t be allow in America at all. Muslims don’t have a god, they are from hell. And they all belong in “HELL.” Thank you for president Trump he will kill all the ISIS and burn all of them. ISIS family should all be kill now, president Trump will do that to the ISIS animals. President Donald Trump is for America all the way not like Obama.