A PacMom's request: Retire

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

April 15, 2014

LOS ANGELES – It was a relaxing family day at Manny Pacquiao’s mansion — friends, family, and fans hanging out and coming to visit.

The Pacman stayed in his room for most of the day and behind those doors, his mother Mommy Dionisa made a request.

“I told him to retire, but he said no,” she said shortly after leaving Manny’s room. “I told him, even I feel tired watching him go through his fights. His body is always beaten up. But he told me, he’s okay.”

The plea of Pacquiao’s mother follows wife Jinkee’s similar request.

The Pacman didn’t emerge from his room until early evening, and did not comment on the retirement requests. After this past weekend’s victory he had insisted that he will continue fighting.

In the meantime Mommy D is welcoming new additions to the family. Manny’s brother Bobby recently had a baby while Jinkee Pacquiao is expected to give birth shortly after Pacquiao returns.

With Israel Pacquiao becoming the 16th grandchild, the matronly internet sensation is one excited Lola.

“We are so happy,” she said. “There’s more of us in the family now.”

The Pacman will go home on Wednesday night and arrive in Manila early on Good Friday, where victory parties await the boxing champion.

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  • JRB
    15 April 2014 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Sometimes in life it’s very hard to think what is right and what is wrong, Yes if your were a boxer it’s a very hard life, your body is not the same as a normal person, the work outs the fight what your have to handle the pain, and your family what the pain they see in your fight is not easy for them, they love you so much and it’s a pain for them all. Yes the money is good but fighters after they hang the gloves up,he is not the same the body the mind. Manny maybe your mother is right it would look nice to see you walk away still your health is still good. But I know and the whole world know you want to fight Mayweather, It’s up to you to think if you got one more good fight left in you. Only you knows if you can fight Mayweather.