A number of UCLA students tested negative for coronavirus after self-isolation

LOS ANGELES — A sigh of relief in southern California, as potential coronavirus cases at a major university have come back negative.

Early Friday morning, UCLA alerted students that it is testing three students for the virus.

“When I received notice about the students getting tested, I was a little concerned but overall not too worried I think it’s a little maybe overblown honestly I’m not that concerned but what would be concerning though is if classes get canceled.”

This isn’t the first health scare for these students. Earlier in the year, a case of measles had been traced to the sprawling West Los Angeles campus.

While these Filipino students are in good health, they’re worried the coronavirus scare could get in the way of their grades, so close to finals week.

“I have the combination of the dilemma between having to go to class because you have to catch up on work, but you can’t really miss out even though you’re worried about every getting sick during finals and stuff.”

While this scare has been diverted, the alert will remain high. Like many schools UCLA has prepared more hand sanitizers throughout campus and has advised students that if there are confirmed cases, instructions may take place online and classes could be cancelled.

“I was like oh my gosh classes could be cancelled, there’s some benefits to it, for students that are meeting deadlines they could be extended but since the quarter is ending it could mess up everybody’ chances of getting that good grade that they deserve.”

The campus has prohibited official university travel and discouraged personal trips to affected countries.

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