A look at Woolsey’s destructive path, through the eyes of a Filipino firefighter

LOS ANGELES — Firefighters continue to make progress in the massive Woosley fire that has scorched parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Filipino American LA County Fire Public Information Officer David Dantic has been a firefighter for 11 years — but he hasn’t seen anything like the Woolsey Fire.

“It’s gotten worse every year, everything is so dry but firefighters made a good stand. Unfortunately, we did lose up to 400 homes during this fire — but we saved thousands.”

The Pinoy firefighter showed us a portion of the 98,000 acres scorched by the Woosley fire, which is now more than half contained.

Firefighters stay vigilant along hillsides and around neighborhoods.

They’re walking in lines here making sure there are no hotspots and the chainsaws that they use is for clearing line.

But on this side of town, it’s too late…these ashes represent some of the 400 structures that were burnt down.

What was once someone’s family room, vehicle, memories — are now just skeletal remains.

While these homes can be rebuilt, and property replaced, three lives were lost as a result of the fire, which began last Thursday night hitting parts of Ventura and Los Angeles County.

Residents in some areas are slowly being let back in but are warned to stay clear of downed power lines.

“[Mudslides also] pose a big threat for us too, because we’re going to get rain soon in California and there’s nothing stopping all the debris the mudflow that’s going to come down.”

And no matter what nature brings next, Dantic and his crews will be ready to face the dangers.

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