A look at ‘Quezon’s Game,’ how a Philippine President saved some Jews from the Nazi regime

LOS ANGELES — It’s a remarkable story of survival and heroism that not many people knew about — and now the story that took place decades ago — is hitting U.S. theaters this week.

Quezon’s Game, starring Raymond Bagatsing and Rachel Alejandro, is about how former Philippine President Manuel Quezon protected some 1,200 Jews from the Nazis in the late 1930’s.

Since it was release a couple of weeks ago, moviegoers have checked out some special screenings including this one in Downtown Los Angeles.

“It’s beyond words, its something we Filipinos should be proud of regarding the courage and valor and making a stand against a very powerful country,” said Lucy Romero Babaran.

“It was good, including the script and the dialogue its very good. We should recommend this to all the Filipinos and including mainstream Americans,” said Dr. Joselito Babaran.

“I thought the movie was interesting, never knew about the president Quezon did that you can see the compassion and hospitality of the Filipino people,” said Lourdes Capulong.

For many, Quezon’s heroic act of rescuing Jews from internment camps and death, was an unknown fact, especially in the Jewish community.

“I didn’t know this story at all I think it’s important for the Jews to know the story, I think the Filipinos are more versed in it than the jews and its important for Jews to know I’ll be telling people,” said Dr. Johanna Schor.

Non-Filipinos also believe that this movie tells a universal story that especially strikes a chord among immigrants who are still seeking asylum.

“It’s amazing how people go over to help another person. A single person can do so much. It becomes thousands he saved 1,200 Jews,” said Miguel Castillo.

“I think it was very good, very engaging, inspirational, it’s very timely for what’s happening in the country today,” said Dong Liu.

This award-winning Matthew Rosen film will be screened in the U.S. until Thursday.

The list of showtimes can be found on quezonsgame.com.

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