“A Galentine’s Thing” market brings together Hawaii female entrepreneurs

by Lalaine Ignao, ABS-CBN News

HONOLULU, HI — Amidst couples celebrating the holiday of love, business owner Baybette Lacar wanted to hold an event geared towards women, thus creating “A Galentine’s Thing.”

“It’s for all the women creators to come together and showcase their work and to, I guess, help their small business succeed.”

Lacar wanted to hold an event that embodied the idea of women of color building each other up and supporting one another in their craft while networking and building a community.

“It’s important for everybody to come together, just meet each other, support one another, and just empower each other.”

The intimate pop-up market became a one-stop event for people to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones.

“This event is the first of its kind, promoting local female creatives here in Hawaii and reminding people everywhere what it means to practice self-love and self-care through different forms of art, whether it be fashion, food or illustration.”

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