A Filipina actress–and ongoing controversy–behind “Gosnell”

Gosnell,” a movie based on the true story of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, is making buzz throughout the country. One of its stars, Cindy Klee, is a Filipina actress from Oklahoma, who never thought she would land such a prominent role in Hollywood.

Klee plays Karnamaya Monger, a high profile victim that died after Gosnell performed a late stage abortion on her. The 2011 death eventually leading to his 2013 murder conviction.

With some theaters and media viewing the film as a pro-life, anti-abortion film, reports say some theaters have dropped the film, while other publications refused to sell advertisement.

Despite the alleged backlash, Gosnell opened nationwide earlier this month, landing in in the top ten on opening its weekend.

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