A Day Without Immigrants in Las Vegas

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS — A “Day Without Immigrants” closed down major supermarkets, restaurants and other establishments — all in protest against President Donald Trump’s effort to crack down on immigration, notably by his travel ban policies and building the wall at the US-Mexico border.

Immigrants and businesses in southern Nevada participated in the nationwide protest, aimed to show how critical immigrants are to America’s economy.

Patrons of this local supermarket are all surprised, after quickly learning that their favorite grocery store is closed for the day.

A lot of these shoppers say that closing a store for a day is a disruption and inconvenience, especially for a working mom like Gloria Etherington.

“Obviously I’m on my way home, and this is a great place to stop to go and get and dinner… and so now I’m gonna be delayed and the whole family is gonna be hungry,” Etherington said. “It’s going to cost me more money to go to a different store, its gonna cost more time…in waiting, and it’s not helping anybody.”

But Etherington adds that while Thursday’s “Day Without Immigrants” may frustrate some patrons, there is an understanding that everyone in the community is in solidarity.

“I’d never really thought that this is really happening, that this is really being done,” she says. “This is a voice that I hope is heard loud and clear.”

Kababayans in the valley who shops regularly for their meat and vegetables at this Latino grocery store were also surprised, saying that shopping for food at the store saves them a lot of money.

“Kase, gusto ko din naman yung mga pagkain ng mexicans,” said Fil-Am shopper Letty Valdes.

“Tulad ngayon papano kami mamimili anong lulutuin namin ngayon,” said Eva Romeo.

Businesses that participated in a Day Without Immigrants are now back to normal business hours today.


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