99-year-old Pinoy WWII veteran receives congressional gold medal

In the San Francisco Bay Area, 99-year-old Filipino World War II veteran Amado Frillarte Ante personally received his congressional gold medal from Congresswoman Jackie Speier today.

Ante enlisted with the Philippines Scouts Army in February 1941, 10 months before the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Assigned to the 12th quartermaster regiment company B, Ante was deployed to Bataan to fight against the enemy.

“His story is so profound. To be in Bataan march, to come down with malaria, to be thrown in a ditch so that he would not be shot and then after all that reenlisting and after all that working as a civilian for the U.S. Government and then after all that joining the merchant marines. It’s just a remarkable story,” said Rep. Jackie Speier, California (D).

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