9-year-old FilAm boy saves choking sister with 911 call

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

March 7, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Police in Pasadena, Calif. are calling a 9-year-old FilAm boy a hero for saving his little sister from choking.

Last month Jaecoun Santos dialed 911 to tell police his sister, 3 year-old Yaleona Santos, was dying from choking on a grape.

Police say Jaecoun’s sister could have ended up brain dead if she was not attended to within seven minutes.

Fortunately, her brother was quick to act.

Jaecoun reportedly told the 911 operator their address and what happened.

Yaleona was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors where removed the grape.

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