Senate kills Obamacare repeal bill, with still no solution in sight

NEW JERSEY — The Senate Republican healthcare bill might be on life support, but it is still casting a wide net of confusion and worry for millions of Americans — including  this single mother and her disabled daughter Kirsten, who is on Medicaid.

“And there’s the fear, you don’t know what’s going to be affected. You just don’t know,” said mother Francine Delgado.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to defeat a bill that would have repealed Obamacare within two years, without any immediate plan to replace the health care law.

But Republicans still have another chance to revive some version of their bill today by introducing amendments.

The Senate can move on to what is unofficially called the vote-a-rama.

And it is not clear how long that will last.

Meanwhile, Delgado is not the only one who is feeling anxious about the outcome of the bill. If there are changes with her daughter’s Medicaid benefits, it might affect Kirsten’s caregiver as well.

Political analyst Professor Alain Sanders says, any changes to Obamacare will likely not happen anytime soon.

“Remember the Senate has to do what it does, the Senate had to go to the House, the President might decide to weigh in. The two chambers might go with different proposals and it has to go into conference committee. The public will weigh in,” he said. “So we’re certainly weeks away. Possibly weeks and months before we get a final law on the books. If we do get a final law in the book.”


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  • Mario
    28 July 2017 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Victory for Democrat, OBAMACARE will stay.Three(3) GOP defected,join the Dems to kill the “Skinny Repeal Bill” came up 51-49. The 3 GOPs, Senators McCain the deciding vote,Mukowski and Collins,were in favor for the repeal 2 years ago, but this time,they betrayed their own party.Trump said “let Obamacare to implode”, and WH did not want to do this anymore.It is Dems turn to repair and bring down OBAMACARE premium but,how,Single payer won’t work… It is time for the Dems to work with GOP and GOP demand the confirmation on Trump nominees to his Cabinet.Trump running his Administration with incomplete,Cabinet Undersecretaries. The losers are the US taxpayers,they will pay higher insurance premium soon, and some Insurance companies are withdrawing from Obamacare. Come 2018 there are 13 Democrats for re-election and if they can not re-solve the Obamacare, they are in trouble. They have to join now the GOP to repeal Obamacare, after 2-3 weeks the GOP will force the issue to repeal Obamacare for the last time.