Pinoy filmmaker makes debut at NY Asian Film Festival

NEW YORK — When the official trailer of the New York Asian Film Festival is in Filipino — it means the Philippine entry to the 2017 NYAFF is making a big splash on its North American premiere.

Birdshot – an intense, slow-burning thriller — is the festival’s centerpiece gala, directed by 25-year-old Filipino filmmaker Mikhail Red.

“I’m really proud and thankful that NYAFF invited our movie, and it’s given us this platform to finally share this film with North American audiences,” said Red.

Birdshot tells the story of a farm girl entangled with the law after unknowingly committing a crime inside a protected Philippine reservation forest.

The investigation was just the beginning – what happens next leads to even more mysteries, slowly uncovering right before your eyes.

“I like morally ambiguous characters, where the lines between protagonists and antagonists are blurred, and Birdshot is like that,” said Red. “These characters who are all victims in a way are pitted against each other to survive.”

Red says, on the surface, Birdshot is a coming of age suspense-thriller.

But it is peppered with social commentaries about real-life tragedies that happened in the Philippines.

“I like making fictional plots, more imaginative plots, I want the surface story to be something engaging even for a general audience… but I like to smuggle in these extra layers that in a way you earn as a viewer, as you get closer you get to the subtext that‘s where you get the real message.”

At a young age, Mikhail showed signs of his father’s film-making genes.

The son of award-winning filmmaker Raymond Red won best new director at the Vancouver International Film Festival for the indie film “Rekorder” when he was 22-years-old…

Birdshot also received the “Asian Future Best Film Award” at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2016.



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