Anti-Trump activists prepare for May Day, International Workers Day rallies

LOS ANGELES, CA — As President Trump wraps up his first 100 days, the landmark date for the administration happens to coincide around International Workers Day — and millions of activists are planning to hit the streets.

Dozens of immigrant rights activists stood outside of Los Angeles City Hall as a sign of unity as the annual May Day protests draw near.

This year the call for immigration rights are expected to be louder than ever with Trump’s recent orders on immigration issues.

“It is no coincidence that May Day falls on almost exactly of the first 100 days of ineptitude of this president and his administration,” said Jorge-Mario Cabrera from the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights LA. “So what we’d like to say on that day and say it nationwide, that America is a country that is united. Yes, we are different… but we are united in one single vision which is everyone deserves justice. Happiness. They deserve respect and unfortunately this administration doesn’t seem to value individual or state rights.”

While immigrant rights activists will make up a large portion of the protestors, other activists will hit the streets to take a stand against the president’s agendas.

The We Resist coalition will be made up of unions, anti war groups, and business leaders.

They’ve called on many people including students and business owners, to walk out and let their voices and demands be heard by the Trump administration.

“We’re marching with women, the women’s rights. We’re marching with our fighters for the environment, we’re fighting with our brothers and sisters from labor. Labor is moving forward on may first because it’s international workers day,” said Angelica Sirlas.

This pre-rally press conference came as President Trump was announcing his new tax plan, which critics say favor bigger businesses.

Los Angeles International Airport workers have also threatened to go on strike on May Day if their contract negotiations cannot be solved by then.

They’ve blamed Trump’s big business-friendly policies for the delay.

Several Filipino groups are scheduled to participate in the Los Angeles May 1st rallies, which have been among the largest of the annual nationwide actions in the past.

This year, it will begin at several points throughout the city, and will converge in the Downtown LA area.

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