$5M bounty for Marwan goes to informants, says superintendent

WASHINGTON DC – Philippine ambassador to the U.S. José Cuisia Jr. says the sacrifice of the 44 members of the PNP Special Action Force killed at Mamasapano last week was not in vain as he expressed his condolences to their family members.

The ambassador says he is also pleased that the FBI quickly confirmed the DNA samples provided by the PNP were that of Malaysian terrorist Marwan Abdhir.

”Of course we lost 44 heroes, unfortunately, but I think we are, of course, gratified to know that this very dangerous, very much sought after terrorist has finally been eliminated,” said Ambassador Cuisia.

But the biggest question now is: who gets the $5 million bounty reward for the death of the most wanted Malaysian bomb maker?

Senior Superintendent José Gentiles, police attache at the Philippine embassy in Washington DC says that only the civilian informants are eligible for the bounty reward.

“It is not the SAF, as a general rule there is no Government Employee similar to the SAF or PNP or the Phil Army or any member of Armed Forces of the Philippines is not eligible to receive any bounty because it’s part of their job to arrest a wanted person,” said Gentiles. “The bounty that would be given to are for those who gave the information. It’s an incentive to speed up locating a wanted person.”

Gentiles coordinated the DNA testing at an FBI lab in Quantico, Va.

“So the results of the preliminary testing indicates that the tissues taken from Marwan matches the tissues of his imprisoned brother in Guantanamo, Cuba,” said Gentiles.

Gentiles says the results are preliminary only and that further testing and analysis will be conducted to fully identify the subject of the DNA provided by the Philippine National Police.

Gentiles say the identity of the informant will remain confidential.

And if the informant is a government employee or official, Gentiles says no bounty will be given to an ineligible informant.

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  • Delia
    9 February 2015 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    That bounty money should and must go to the fallen soldiers family . They need and deserved that money more than the corrupt politicians.

  • Juan
    12 February 2015 at 3:24 am - Reply

    Reward money equivalent to 200M Pesos($5MxP40),Ang US embassy employee pupunta sa Mindanao, to deliver the money?, no way…The US embassy will give the reward money to a high ranking Policeman, reason siya lang at ang kanyang intelligence officer ang may contact sa informer.
    In my opinion,puwedeng mangyari ito, itanong kay Mancao, nangyayari ito.. The police intel officer already gave the name of the informant to MILF, para patayin siya. Sino ngayon ang tatanggap yoon reward money. Gagawa nalang ang pulis nang bagong informer, siyempre yoon bata nila. Then they call the US embassy rep to physically deliver the money, possibly at the office of the high ranking policemen.Therefore legal ang delivery. As the old saying goes,-“Huwag idaan ang reward money sa Pulis.